Gas Line Installation & Leak Repair

Gas Line Installation & Repair

gas line installationWhen you need a gas line installation or leak repair, leave it up to the professionals. Friedman Plumbing Express technicians are trained to install and repair gas lines, and are available on-call for emergency service.

Our technicians can service or repair all types of gas piping, gas leaks, gas appliance hook-ups, gas fireplaces and gas lines to gas generators or heaters.

Gas Leak Repairs

Common signs of an active gas leak:

  • Foul odor (much like rotten-eggs) – In pure form, natural gas is colorless, tasteless, and odorless. To allow easier detection of leaks, gas companies feed a non-toxic odor called methyl mercaptan into the system that smells much like rotten-eggs.
  • Hissing sounds – Natural gas lines are under pressure, so when a connection or fitting is loose, or there is a leak in the pipe line, a slight hissing sound may help detect gas leaks.
  • Discolored or dying grass – If you notice discoloration or dying grass in the soil near a gas line, this also may indicate a leak, as natural gas rises (it’s lighter than air).
  • Flames – Natural gas leaks can ignite flames where there’s a source of ignition (such as a pilot light or electrical spark).
  • Visible Line Damages – Damages to gas line connections to appliances are a tell-tale sign of trouble.

In the event of a gas leak, leave your property immediately, and call Friedman Plumbing Express to repair your gas line. Our technicians can diagnose, repair, and install all gas line components.

Areas We Serve for Gas Line Installation & Leak Repair:

Burke, VA | Alexandria, VA | Fairfax, VA | Springfield, VA | Centreville, VA | Reston, VA | Sterling, VA | Chevy Chase, MD | Bethesda, MD | Gaithersburg, MD | Germantown, MD | Potomac, MD | North Potomac, MD | Rockville, MD | Silver Spring, MD | Olney, MD | Washington, D.C.