Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement

Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement

While convenient and efficient appliances, garbage disposals require routine maintenance and inspection due to the heavy, constant use of the electric motors and blades.

For the average homeowner, this maintenance can prove daunting. Whether it’s a slow drain, clog, or faulty electrical issues, rest assured the Friedman Plumbing Express technicians can diagnose and address any garbage disposal repair. If a new garbage disposal unit is required, our technicians can also purchase and install any brand of garbage disposal.


Tips for Maintaining a Well-Kept Garbage Disposal:

  • Run cold water down the disposal before and after use, with a bit of dish soap, to prevent clogs.
  • Use the disposal on a regular basis to avoid rust or corrosion of the blades.
  • Don’t pour grease or other oils down the disposal, as these will solidify and cause backups. However, if necessary, use cold water when pouring these elements down the drain to allow the blades to breakup the liquids. Hot water will cause the liquids to accumulate, causing backups.
  • Garbage disposals are NOT garbage cans. Don’t place any metal items through the disposal and ensure leftover foods are in smaller portions so the disposal does not become jammed.

Areas We Serve:

Burke, VA | Alexandria, VA | Fairfax, VA | Springfield, VA | Centreville, VA | Reston, VA | Sterling, VA | Chevy Chase, MD | Bethesda, MD | Gaithersburg, MD | Germantown, MD | Potomac, MD | North Potomac, MD | Rockville, MD | Silver Spring, MD | Olney, MD | Washington, D.C.


Friedman Plumbing Express is a preferred provider of InSinkErator brand garbage disposals.

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