Centreville Virginia Instant Hot Water Dispenser Installation

Centreville Instant Hot Water Dispenser Installation and Repair

Instant hot water dispensers provide an added level of comfort and convenience to the modern Centreville kitchen.

Installed right at your kitchen sink, The faucet and accompanying tank heat filtered water to near-boiling temperatures. Cook pasta al dente. Make coffee. Thaw frozen foods. An instant hot water dispenser makes it all easy.

With this type of system, water is fed directly into the tank through a line connected to the main cold water supply. Once water is fed into the tank, it is heated to around 200 degrees Fahrenheit by an electric element in the tank. The desired temperature can be adjusted.

Friedman Plumbing Express technicians are licensed and trained to install all brands and specifications of instant hot water dispensers. Our technicians can also service these units for repairs or replacements.