Bethesda Maryland Faucet Repair & Installation

Bethesda Faucet Repair & Faucet Installation

Problems may stem from corrosion, broken parts, or a constant leak that is running up your water bill. Friedman Plumbing Express technicians are here to solve your Bethesda faucet repair issues. From kitchen sinks to bathroom sinks or showers, to other forms of utility plumbing, we can repair or replace all faucet types. You are just one call away from faucet repair or installation with Frieedman Plumbing.

A few of the faucet types that we can repair or replace:

Ball – These faucets have a round ball-shaped single handle which moves in a circular motion to control temperature and flow of water. A faulty ball or defective O-ring seal is the cause of most problems with these types of faucets.

Ceramic Disk – Ceramic disk-type faucets have a single handle that controls both the flow and temperature of water through the pressure-tight seal of two ceramic disks. Leaks sometimes occur from a material buildup in the chamber or from a faulty seal.

Cartridge (Sleeve) – Cartridge faucets are primarily identified by the method in which the water flow is regulated – up/down, and temperature – left/right. Leaks can occur from faulty/worn-out cartridges and the rubber O-ring seals.

Compression – Compression faucets use rubber washers pressed to the valve seat to seal, which often will wear due to use. These are recognizable by the separate hot and cold water handles. Many older homes use this type of faucet.

Brands of faucets we work with include Kohler, American Standard, Delta and Moen, but our technicians can install any brand.

Call us today at 301-881-8660 to solve all your Bethesda faucet repair problems!