Bethesda Maryland Clogged Drain Line Repair

Bethesda Repair of Clogged Drain Lines

Often unseen, there is a hidden danger with clogged drain lines – they cause much more expensive issues later on if left untreated. A clogged drain line is best repaired by a professional licensed plumber. Experienced Friedman Plumbing Express technicians are here in Bethesda to help with all of your clogged drain line issues.

The most common type of drain/waste and vent pipe in Bethesda is PVC. Several other piping types may be present, such as galvanized steel, copper, or ABS.

Some causes of clogged pipes:

  • Age-related cast iron corrosion.
  • Defective or failing piping material.
  • Intrusion of tree roots into drain pipes.
  • Common obstructions like hair or non-degradable papers.

Whatever of the cause of clogged pipes in your Bethesda home, Friedman Plumbing has seen it and done it. Prevention is also important; having your drains cleaned regularly by our trained professionals helps maintain proper water flow and avoid potential plumbing issues down the road.

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