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Paul & Ray Founders Of Friedman Plumbing

In January 1958 Paul Friedman obtained his Master Plumber’s license, gave his employer notice and started a new plumbing company. He started with an office in the basement of his house with only his wife to help him. Her duties consisted of answering the phones and passing on the messages to him. For five years Paul built up the service business by offering good service at a fair price.

In 1963 he joined with Raymond Simpson, a professional engineer with experience in water and waste treatment, to form Paul Friedman Inc. The idea was being able to expand in other directions. At that time they made the decision to operate a complete plumbing company, which would do service work, and residential accounts.

Apparently they came up with the right formula, because after more than 45 years in business, they have become one of the largest plumbing companies in the Washington Metropolitan area. In addition to running several service trucks stocked for almost any plumbing problem, they also have a remodeling department, new residential construction department, whole house replumb, and specialty gas pipe department.

In February of 2001, the company suffered the loss of its founder, Paul Friedman.

At this time Raymond Simpson was still the driving force behind maintaining the proven formula for the company. In 2004, the company went through the transition to the second generation of the Friedman/Simpson families.

Andy Simpson
Andrew Simpson, Division Manager

Andrew has taken on the management of the new Friedman-Plumbing Express Service Division as it continues to strive and grow.